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Las Vegas, NV

My journey hasn't been a straight line

I have thousands of hours immersed in the art and science of digital marketing, website creation and lead generation. Picture a world where every click brings a customer closer, and every page opens doors to new possibilities – that's the world I thrive in. I help people grab the attention of their desired audience, keep their attention, and drive them to taking action. 

As an independent life insurance broker, I've stood beside over 1,500 individuals & families, guiding them through choices that provide confident peace of mind, should the unthinkable happen. With 14 claims paid in the past 4 years, our clients have come to trust the integrity of what we do.

My mission? To empower and safeguard. Whether you're a business wanting to look good while increasing your online presence or an individual planning for life's many what-ifs, I’m here to light the way.*Step%20and%20repeat%20-%20MDM%202022%20%40davidjonphotography-9205*jpg?alt=media&token=ae0ad5e9-9176-4772-abf0-d8d54a91d80b

Benefits of Connecting With Steve:

Business Owners & Sales Pros

Get Noticed Online:

I help put your business in the spotlight. From grabbing people's attention online to websites that convert, I've got the know-how.

Websites That Convert:

Want a website that's both effective and attractive? I deliver sites that not only look great but also bring in business.


Need people to talk to? I help draw them in. How does a steady stream of people excited about what you offer sound?

Content that Connects:

I create content that speaks to your audience. I help you connect and resonate in a way that's engaging and easy to relate to.

Business Cards, But Better:

Digital business cards are the future. My version stands out, ensuring your first impression is both memorable and effective.

What They Say:

Looking For Confident Peace of Mind?

Protect Your Home Sweet Home:

Worry less about harassing banks when a paycheck disappears. I've got solutions that keep the family in the home and the home in the family, should the unthinkable happen.

Life Insurance Made Simple:

Life insurance doesn't have to be confusing (nor expensive.) I make it easy to understand and find the right coverage by shopping the top insurance companies on your behalf.

Tax-Free Money Options:

Interested in legally sticking it to Uncle Sam? I've got strategies that help your hard-earned money grow, tax-free.

Infinite Banking:

Ever heard of becoming your own bank? I simplify how it works and how it could be a game-changer for your financial planning & investment opportunities.

Financial Security:

I help make sure your family is financially secure, with plans that benefit you while you're alive and protects your family in the future.

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